How a Registered Debt Counsellor Can Help You: Explaining Over-Indebtedness and the Role of the Debt Counsellor

a registered debt counsellor can help you overcome the stress you have from your debt
there is help if you are stressed about debt

Shelley* is becoming desperate.

From early mornings until evenings late, creditors are calling her on the phone about her debt. She is starting to feel harassed. She changes her mobile number. Eventually, she changes her address as well. Later she hides her car, because she fears it might be taken away. The threat of losing more of her belongings is looming ever closer. She has decided to keep her tablet and other valuables at her friend’s house, in case the sheriff comes to her door (which he does.)

At work, Shelley feels sickened when she starts receiving calls about her debt there too.

She tries her best to reason with her creditors, and ends up making promises she can’t keep.

The creditors contact her workplace directly.

Shelley decides to resign and ask for a pension payout.  After resigning, Shelley uses her pension savings to settle her debt. This time, with a new job, the cycle repeats itself. Shelley has fallen back into old habits and finds herself living in a trap of constantly looking over her shoulder, always anxious about receiving that next call.

Does this describe you?

Debt can be devastating.

What if you could be free of the constant phone calls from creditors? What if you could come home after work, knowing that your belongings are not going to be repossessed? What if you could be assured that creditors will stop interfering with your work by constantly enquiring about you there? What if you could get a good nights’ sleep, and another after that – knowing that not only have the phone calls stopped, but that you’re in fact headed towards financial freedom?

Does this sound too good to be true? Here is how it works:

A qualified debt counsellor can step in to bridge the gap between you and your creditors. Your debt counsellor will take care of the phone calls, and negotiate the terms on which you are to repay your debt. These will be terms you can maintain, and that are fair to your creditors. Because your debt counsellor is qualified and registered, your debt counsellor is able to negotiate terms with the creditors that you are not able to do on your own. Because debt review is a legal process, you no longer have to fret about your situation and the law. You will have peace of mind, knowing that you are settling your debt legally and fairly.

speak to your debt counsellor about your concerns today
Speak to your debt counsellor immediately when you face challenges maintaining your debt review payment. Upfront and honest communication ensures that your debt counsellor can continue to help you.

Further down the line, unforeseen events might make it seem difficult to stick to your debt review payments – life happens. Your child might be starting school, or you may have a sudden expense after the death of a loved one. You may fear that you will be unable to keep up your debt review payments. Be encouraged to speak to your debt counsellor immediately, as soon as you start thinking you might not be able to pay. Your debt counsellor can help you through this process, and is able to maintain the relationship with your creditors as long as you maintain your payments. The repercussions of prematurely stopping your debt review payments are serious.

Don’t enter into debt review unless you are absolutely sure that you actually want to settle your debt.

The process will bring you great relief, but may also be difficult at times. Your debt counsellor is there to support you every step of the way. By maintaining open and honest communication with your debt counsellor at all times, your debt counsellor will be able to continue supporting you. You will no longer have to deal with creditors on your own and best of all – you will ensure your successful completion of debt review, resulting in freedom from debt!

*Shelley is a character in a sketch based on the actual events resulting from being in debt.