Clearing My Name

As a professional musician I have had the great privilege to play in the big leagues but when the rug was pulled from underneath almost 6 years ago, I slipped into large debt, depression and an immense sense of guilt. My mother was diagnosed with inflammatory cancer, the music label I was signed to was sold and business dried up almost overnight. The turning point was when I struggled to support my family and started asking for help. I turned to a good friend that told me that for the past year he was also on debt review and referred me to the angel of the other side of the telephone, Karin Augustyn.

I phoned Karin and after a few seconds on the phone I felt like my prayers had been answered. She was efficient and honest but mostly she knew the ins and outs of the process. I was in the safest hands possible. We quickly established an affordable budget and we started the process of clearing my name. If ever I can give a recommendation to someone it is definitely her, two thumbs way up and my stamp of approval.
Lastly, I made a friend, someone that protected me and took my interest to heart when collectors were harassing me. Money comes and goes, but a friend like Karin will last a lifetime.