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Are you seeking financial freedom? We provide financial wellness, education and debt counselling.

Debt counselling helps over-indebted consumers with budget advice, reduced payments and debt restructuring.

Karin of Cape Debt Clinic is a Registered Debt Review Practitioner and Financial Trainer. She has more than 20 years’ banking experience and has been practicing in the debt industry since 2008.

Debt Review

Debt Review was introduced by the National Credit Act to provide relief to over-indebted consumers, as an alternative to going under administration or sequestration (repossessing of assets). The National Credit …

financial education for your workforce

Financial Education

Our Financial Education Program is designed to maximize consumer learning. Our material focuses on helping people to understand their rights, and supports them in assuming responsibility for their own financial …

Social Responsibility and Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners represent a network of people around the country who share our commitment to the financial upliftment of South Africans. We work with community forums, churches, and corporates …

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Client Testimonials

We have successfully helped countless clients gain and maintain financial freedom. Here is what some of them have to say about Cape Debt Clinic.

*Your privacy is important to us! Names have been removed to protect client privacy.

As a professional musician I have had the great privilege to play in the big leagues but when the rug was pulled from underneath almost 6 years ago, I slipped into large debt, depression and an immense sense of guilt. My mother was diagnosed with inflammatory cancer, the music label I was signed to was sold and business dried up almost overnight. The turning point was when I struggled to support my family and started asking for help. I turned to a good friend that told me that for the past year he was also on debt review and referred me to the angel of the other side of the telephone, Karin Augustyn.

I phoned Karin and after a few seconds on the phone I felt like my prayers had been answered. She was efficient and honest but mostly she knew the ins and outs of the process. I was in the safest hands possible. We quickly established an affordable budget and we started the process of clearing my name. If ever I can give a recommendation to someone it is definitely her, two thumbs way up and my stamp of approval.
Lastly, I made a friend, someone that protected me and took my interest to heart when collectors were harassing me. Money comes and goes, but a friend like Karin will last a lifetime.

Clearing My Name

I had a lot of problems in the beginning when I was under my previous debt counselor, to the extent that my car was taken back by Std Bank and I had to go to court to get it back. They were difficult to reach.

However since I moved over to Cape Debt Clinic, everything has run extremely smoothly. Your assistance with regards to arranging reduced interest rates saved me from paying a lot more. If I had gone to Cape Debt Clinic from the beginning I’m sure my debt would have been paid off a lot earlier. Your response to all my queries were well within an accepted timeline.

Thanks you for your efforts!

Smooth Debt Repayment Process

Thank you so much for all your support.

You have been a great part of the new start for me and my wife and we will always be indebted to you and know that we are truly grateful!

Almost over the last hurdle.

New Start

Good morning Karin,

Just letting you know that the budget you drew up really helped us and thanks to God I got a breakthrough…

Once again thank you very much. I’ll be using this method indeed, now and in the future.

In this case, no debt review was needed!


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